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The S7 Model

Our Philosophy:

Brands are like humans. They feel, breathe and evolve. Over time, we’ve realised that it’s tough to compartmentalise brands into buckets. Just like human beings. Especially in their infancy, you don’t outsource a brand’s growth to another company with a tactical approach. Just like we’re hesitant to leave babies at a creche. It hampers initial process of brand building.

Hence we decided to become much more than an outsourced solution provider. We decided to become brand partners. Or custodians. Or whatever jargon better suits people who nurture brands. Like mothers. Or even fathers. Brand fathers? You get the point.

Our Approach:

In a competitive (pragmatic) market, people’s choices of brands depends on the total impression they have of each brand. It is inspired and influenced by relative virtues and vices that help them make a choice while choosing one brand over another.

Hence, brand building is a more complicated process than just marketing a product. To fully unleash the process of brand building, it is essential to immerse yourself into the brand’s daily experiences. Dive into its touch points as method actors and converse with its stakeholders. Just like the words you’ve read so far. This very sentence is making you focus even more on what you’re reading. It’s having a subconscious impact on your perception of brand building. It might even make some of you want to go back and read all over again. The placement of words and punctuation have been carefully curated to induce convenience in reading.

Only through detail orientation and immersion can we unlock insights which stand on top of a brand’s founding vision. Once we’ve defined the brand’s persona and approach, we dive into action. At all times, our aim is to keep brands agile and adaptive; by channelising them across platforms (online and offline) through sublime experiences.


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Business Development



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