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Cosmetic Surgery Skin Institute

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The Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Institute (CSI) is a state-of-the-art facility in Koregaon Park, Pune founded by Dr. Mohan Thomas in November 2017. He is one of the most trusted and respected names in cosmetic surgery, hair, skin and aesthetic medicine with over three decades of experience. He has practised in USA & India with innumerable successful surgeries to his credit. His ability to maintain a natural look post-surgery has impressed a legion of notable celebrities.
CSI Pune prides itself on using US-FDA approved medical devices and world-class equipment to provide its patients with only the best. CSI has also been established in other locations namely Mumbai & Goa.

Generate quality leads who’ll visit the clinic. Go big on laser hair removal & hair replacement treatments. Create videos and use them to establish credibility & garner leads.

Lack of brand awareness :

When we took over, there was barely any activity on social media. On both Instagram and Facebook, the followers were less than 100. 

Lack of trust :

This stems from the above point. For any cosmetic surgery, skin and hair clinic, credibility and trust are paramount, which, in this case, is directly proportional to the number of followers or engagement you have on social media. 

High token size :

As a rule of thumb, the higher the token size, the longer the conversion period. What makes it tougher is that it’s such a personal, private and emotional process, which means people are not likely to take any chances. 

Pune as a location :

Surprised? We don’t blame you. Among the masses, the perception is that when it comes to the services CSI offers, Mumbai seems to be the default choice of location. Even if we assume that most may be open to the idea of Pune having a premium cosmetic surgery, skin & hair clinic, their preference, for now at least, is Mumbai. 

In the word of Digital Marketing, patience is not a luxury you enjoy. The results have to be quick, quality and quantifiable. And therefore, we decided that the best way forward would be to run a lead generation campaign that would also serve as a vehicle for brand awareness and engagement.

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