What we do

People establish buying habits and have a mental short-list of a few acceptable brands from which they would normally choose.The strength and nature of the total impression that they have of any brand governs whether or not it is on the short-list.

The tonality of a brand’s appeal is built over time and hence, what we do, has an involvement with your brand, right from its inception. We work across each of the factors that help brands make it to your desired consumer’s short list.

Brand Design & Identity

Defining and diving into how the brand looks, feels, smells, tastes, sounds (either in a pack or as a product or service in use). Our design & strategy teams effectively collaborate to create everything that you need for a brand to be noticeable.

Brand Emotions

Here’s where we build compelling narratives in the form of videos that help people with a brand’s persona, the feeling it evokes and more ways to define and emote it’s behaviour to people. Be it television commercials or just a video on YouTube, these happen to be unskippable platforms for brands to flourish.

Brand Strategy

Orchestrating what the brand does, what it stands for, what it contains or how it performs (online & offline) in theory (strategy) and actionable steps for it to evolve. Not just that, we evaluate and monitor every move of the brand through its actions and it’s consumer’s reactions to have a more data driven approach to how a brand evolves.

Digital Transformation

Certain industries defy the organic process of brand building. A fail fast and fail frequently approach helps e-commerce businesses or high traction applications evolve faster and better. The more mistakes a brand makes online, the faster it moves forward.

Our model of digital transformation combines a series of actionable and data driven steps to improve the performance (revenue) of a brand. The fact that as a consultant we govern each and every step of the process, gives us more power to change course and continuously evolve a businesses’ topline.



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